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Video Course: Playing with Time – use pacing to keep readers wanting more

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new multimedia course on pacing for fiction writers: Playing with Time: use pacing to keep your readers wanting more. 

I’ve had the course open for test readers for a while, and the response is very positive. I’d love it if you’d check out the free introductory videos and let me know what you think.

I hope you’ll check out the free introductory lessons to the course. If you like what you see and want to register, take advantage of my 50% discount coupon by clicking on the link. Vanessa

Course Contents

In this course, you’ll discover how to use pacing techniques to build tension, emphasize important story events, and keep your readers wanting MORE.

SECTION 1 In Section 1 we’ll explore story pacing with its three different timing clocks, and a formula that can help you control the relationship between time, speed, viewpoint depth, and emotional intensity.

  1. Introduction – the Confusion of Pacing

  2. The 3 Clocks of Storytelling

  3. The Storyteller’s Pacing Formula

SECTION 2 In Section 2 we’ll look at the way a reader’s perception of time fluctuates with the level of excitement, and study techniques you can use to fine-tune pacing and control your readers’ level of excitement.

  1. Scenes, Sequels, and Pacing

  2. Reader’s Perception of Time and Sequels

  3. Pacing Techniques

  4. Pacing, Emotional Intensity, and Viewpoint

SECTION 3 In Section 3 we’ll study the effect different writing modes have on pacing, and how you can control pacing using these modes.

  1. How to Control Pacing with Fiction Delivery Modes: Dramatic Summary, Dramatic Action, Dialogue, Narration, Description, and Exposition. (Dramatic )

SECTION 4 In Section 4 we’ll explore the structure of Scenes and Sequels more deeply, examining the relationship between Fiction Delivery Modes and Scene and Sequel.

  1. Scene and Sequel: the Building Blocks of Fiction

  2. Scene and Sequel meets Fiction Delivery Modes

  3. Practice Exercise: Analyzing Pacing using Fiction Delivery Modes

I designed this course for writers who want to improve their control over pacing to keep readers wanting more.  The only requirement for enrolment is a willingness to learn.

I’d love to hear feedback on the course.

Have a great day, and may the muse be with you.


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