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Vanessa Grant’s Writing Romance in the 21st Century: Plotting and Planning

Coffee Break … and the wrestling match…

I had a busy week putting the final touches on Writing Romance in the 21st Century: Plotting and Planning, but not too busy to take a break and watch my Siberian Husky Winter and her best friend Oban tussling in my study.

Winter Oban in my study

Check out my new book, Writing Romance in the 21st Century – Plotting and Planning available for Pre-Order!

Praise for Previous Editions…

“Essential for all aspiring romance writers.” — Jo Beverley, NYT Bestselling Author “It is by far the best writing book I’ve ever read. Five stars for Vanessa.” — The Writer’s Markets Report, National Writer’s Monthly “Writing Romance is a kind of how-to-do-it-yourself romance writer’s workshop under one cover and will reward the serious reader by [offering] helpful, practical advice so necessary to successfully break into print in the romance field. Highly recommended!” — Midlist Book Review Writing Romance is a thoroughly professional guide to a business that generates close to $1 billion a year.” — Canadian Book Review Annual

Writing Romance in the 21st Century …

Romantic fiction has also become more inclusive in the 21st century, reflecting a growing acceptance of the diversity of race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Despite all these changes, the heart of romance remains unchanged. Romantic love features in almost all our fiction, and in our ballads, poetry, movies, and dreams. Half of all paperbacks sold are romance novels, stories in which human individuals struggle to overcome the obstacles to their romantic love.

The need to love and be loved is deeply embedded in our DNA and our brains. We are stronger together when we love and are loved, forging bonds for a lifetime.

Whatever kind of romance you want to write, and whether romance is the primary focus of your story or a sub-plot for your mystery, science fiction, fantasy, historical or futuristic novel, the 21st century is calling on you to create a story with characters readers can believe in; characters who are emotionally and psychologically true.

Read romances. Ask yourself what makes each one exciting, romantic, or fulfilling. Watch how people behave when they are in love. Look for the problems that make happy-ever-after difficult for lovers and explore how these problems can be overcome. Read this book, then start planning, plotting, and writing your own romance.

Writing Romance in the 21st Century - Planning and Plotting

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Have a great day!


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