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Review of RESCUING RAVEN by Jacqui Nelson

Rescuing Raven (Lonesome Hearts)

Rescuing Raven by Jacqui Nelson My rating: 5 of 5 stars Wow, what a great beginning! I’ve had Jacquie Nelson’s historical romance “Saving Raven” for some time, but I’ve been head down with my own writing project and just picked up the books today – and I’m impressed. No spoilers here, just admiration of a smooth, skilled writer. Jacqui Nelson has done an amazing job of worldbuilding this historical novel set in the Dakota Territory in 1876. The historical setting is revealed to the reader in a natural fashion, without interrupting the flow of the story. The characters are believable and come to life on the page as the story progresses, and the dialogue rings true. I’m especially like that the author writes with cultural sensitivity, indicating that Raven is a member of the Dakota tribe subtly without pointing fingers. Top points for writing for inclusivity! This is the 4th book in the author’s “Lonesome Hearts” series, and as soon as I finish it, I’m heading to my online bookstore to buy the rest of the series. Meanwhile, I’m done shutting down my computer for the day, and heading back to “Saving Raven”.

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