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Getting to know Jenny and Georgina again

It’s embarrassing to be be an Internet Luddite when only ten years ago I was the tech nerd everyone called when they had computer problems.

Ah, well. I finally got tired of my own excuses and finally, today, I’ve got the web site up again – here’s my first blog on the new Website and I get to share the fun I’ve had today with anyone who stumbles into my virtual kitchen for a chat. Thanks to WordPress I haven’t had to dig into much of the HowTo, and have been able to focus on what I want to say here.

One thing I wanted to do on each of my book pages was to take a few minutes to write about the characters and how I came to know them. Today I’ve put up the pages for Jenny’s Turn and Stray Lady. Recalling how Jenny’s hero came to me while I was taking an instructional media course at summer school took me right back to the excitement of that moment when I started to get a feel for the world the film-maker instructor lived in. Exciting, state of the art, a perfect fit for a passionate, driven, successful, artistic – and yes, a little arrogant – hero. Jake, the hero of Jenny’s Turn was born in that lecture room and I had almost as much fun remembering as I’d had writing the book.

Remembering Jenny inevitably brought me to George, her cousin who started out as a voice on the telephone – at that point both Jake and I believed George was a man – and almost took over Jenny’s book. I remembered

The day’s over now and instead of putting up all twenty-five books, I’ve succeeded in getting three up. But I’ve had a wonderful time reminiscing with old friends and smiling over their happy endings. It’s the sort of day where I wouldn’t miss being a writer for anything in the world!


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