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Dance of Seduction – IDEAS, from SPARK to FICTION


Where do I get my ideas?

The original spark for DANCE OF SEDUCTION came from a secondary character I wrote in CATALINA’S LOVER, a novel set in the Andes mountains where the ghosts of the Inca still whisper. After finishing CATALINA, I’d intended my next book to be the story of the archaeologist in charge of the dig site my heroine Cathy was working on, Ricardo Swan.

Ricardo was Cathy’s long term colleague and potential love interest, and I was fascinated by the story possibilities of his origins as the son of a turbulent multi-cultural marriage, and his career as an archeologist.

But when I started searching for a hero for my archeologist, I soon ran into a roadblock, and it wasn’t until a surprise birthday party with other writers that I realized what the problem was.

I dedicated the book to my writer friends at Lynn O’Brian’s fabulous party, where Maria – Ricardo’s heroine – was born.

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Have a wonderful day!


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