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Creating Brilliant Beginnings in Storytelling

Discover the art and craft of brilliant beginnings in storytelling

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Welcome to Creating Brilliant Beginnings in Storytelling, where you’ll discover powerful techniques storytellers use to craft their opening sentences and empower your own beginnings.

In this course, you’ll discover the techniques storytellers use to stimulate reader – or listener – engagement, and the power of body language, dialogue, and narration.

Part 1 explores the use of power words and how to set the stage, appeal to the reader’s senses, and evoke curiosity.

Part 2 explores world-building, and the use of magic and mystery.

Part 3 demonstrates revealing the story’s setting in time and place with a single sentence and demonstrates how a narrator’s internal voice can reveal emotion, and build characterization and conflict.

Each part concludes with a skill-building practice exercise.

I designed this course for storytellers who want readers to love their stories, but who struggle with creating a beginning to hook the reader. The only requirement for enrollment is a willingness to learn.

Feel free to take a look through the course description and preview the free lessons.

I look forward to your joining the course.


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