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Countdown! 85% off Writing Romance in the 21st Century

Click here to get your copy at your favorite online store.

  1. “Essential for all aspiring romance writers.” – Jo Beverley, best-selling romance author

  2. “It’s by far the best writing book I’ve ever read. Five stars for Vanessa.” The Writer’s Markets Report, National Writer’s Monthly

  3. “Writing Romance is a kind of how-to-do-it-yourself romance writer’s workshop under one cover, and will reward the serious reader by [offering] helpful, practical advice so necessary to successfully break into print in the romance field. Highly recommended!” – Midwest Book Review

  4. Writing Romance is a thoroughly professional guide to a business that generates close to $1 billion a year.” – Canadian Book Review Annual

Thanks to everyone who gave me early feedback on the book, and those who contributed their own experience and wisdom.


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